PGCert, Diploma & Masters degree

Be part of The UK’s FIRST Digital Dentistry Course.

With the facilities and educational distinction available, the combination of the Digital Dental Academy and the City Of London Dental School will provide a world first in 21st Century Digital Dental teaching enabling students to provide more predictable care and communicate with patients better in a familiar digital landscape.

Summary of Module Content

- To lead to a comprehensive knowledge of Digital Dentistry

- Applied Science behind the hardware and software taught in an unbiased and research based format.

- Workflows to include in every day dentistry such as CAD design, CAM Material knoweledge, Milling and Finishing of prosthetics.

- 3D printing devices, software and materials.

- CBCT and Guided Surgery knowledge.

The Course will progress towards a full Level 7 Master's Degree in Digital Dentistry.

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Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma

Essentially a PG Diploma is comparable to completing the education associated with 2 or 3 of our PG Certificates. As such, you can reap the benefits of 2 or 3 courses within a substantially shorter duration.

Understandably, the effort involved in completing an accelerated PG Diploma is increased as delegates invest time earlier. However, the benefits of superior confidence and ability to deliver better quality treatments means delegates realise the inherent advantages earlier.

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Digital Dentistry Masterclasses


Digital Dentistry


Advanced Techniques in Restorative, Implant Dentistry & Orthodontics

Digital dentistry is no longer something that is confined to the occasional practice with a digital radiograph sensor as more practices are investing in technology. 

However, most practices that have intra oral scanners or digital technology in general use it in a limited way either out of fear of the unknown or lack of training available. 

On these digital dentistry course we will aim to change that as you will be joined by the excellent and extremely knowledgable Dr Adam Nulty, Dr Patrik Zachrisson and Dr Chris Lefkaditis as well as other Guest Speakers and leaders in their fields, supported by the worlds best technology providers. 

Adam, Patrik and Chris have travelled and trained across Europe to provide the delegates with the very latest information and techniques available. The courses will also be aimed at all skill levels so every delegate will gain from the day. There simply aren't other course like them!

Lunch will be provided on each day of the digital dental courses as well as the friday night evening meal on two day courses. The course will be 7 hours of CPD for each day.

The Courses


All On X - Digital Implant Treatment, Bio Optimisation and Treatment Planning the Edentulous Arch

On this digital dentistry course we will guide the delegates through the All On “X” concept and how the current trend in digital technologies can help in the planning and restoration of these difficult full mouth cases. Guest speaker Pav Khaira, widely recognised for his incredible knowledge in Bio-Optimisation, will show techniques and concepts to provide predictable results.

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Advanced Guided Surgery & SMOP Planning Software

On this digital dentistry course we will aim to introduce you to guided surgery as you will be joined by the excellent and extremely knowledgable Dr Adam Nulty, Dr Chris Lefkaditis and Guest Speaker David Veige. On completing this course you will understand the concepts of guided surgery and feel confident to decide which software is right to spend further time and expense in learning.

The course will also be aimed at all skill levels so every delegate will gain from the day with hands on digital workflows.

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An Introduction to Digital Dentistry

Hardware & Software options available to aid in the planning, imaging and scanning of the extra oral and intra oral tissues.

Digital Lab equiment available.

Digital Restorative examples and walkthroughs. Materials available to turn you into a digital aesthetic pro.

Cerec Ortho, Lab options and walkthrough of cases.

Plus Hands On practical sessions and workflows to become a digital jedi.

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Digital Vs Analogue: The Future of Implant Dentistry

There’s no getting away from it, the digital age is here and technology is evolving as you read! With technology moving so fast what is the clinical evidence out there to support these new developments? Is there still a need for more traditional techniques, which has the clinical backing and years of data behind it? We debate the true advantages of digital implant dentistry and how implant systems have evolved to integrate with the benefits of CAD/CAM, Computer Guided Surgery and Surgical Guide Design. Does digital dentistry really improve the efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures and can it truly allow clinicians to predict the finished results of their patient’s treatment plan?

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Dental 3D Printing Party with August de Oliveira PARTS 1 & 2


3D Printers are all the rage in dentistry these days, but how do you know which one is right for you? What can I 3D Print and why should I even get involved with this technology? In this fun, information packed hands on course doctors and their team will learn the ins and outs of the 3 major types of 3D printers, FDM such as the CEL Robox, which is used mainly for surgical guides, SLA such as the Form 2, which I used for clear aligner models and surgical guides, and DLP, such as the Envisiontec Vida and Moonray by Sprintray and the Asiga Max by WhipMix, which are used for die models, aligners, guides and more! Students will also learn the Meshmixer with the Christian Brenes tooth library, that can help docs get their STL models printer ready, as well as do diagnostic wax ups, and make essix retainers, design guides and night guards. In this class we will also cover aligner fabrication and low cost Orthodontic software that will allow you to do most cases for under $250 and we will use various pressure and vacuforming machines to fabricate aligners.


Take 3D Printing to the Next Level with ExoCAD. 

If you have been 3D printing and using Mesh- mixer, you know the limitations of this free software. In this fun, 2 day hands on course you will learn the ins and outs of 3D printing using ExoCAD. You don't have to own or buy ExoCAD to benefit from this class. If you are not an ExoCAD owner you can buy a ticket that includes a teaching license that is your to keep to practice at home.

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More Courses


Guided Implant Surgery: Principles, Techniques & Hands On Training with SMOP Planning Software

This TWO day course will provide the delegates with in-depth training on guided surgery.

The SMOP Courses are the most in depth and hands on guided implant surgery courses currently available.

Florian Schober will discuss the history and evolution of Guided Implant Surgery and the reasons why SMOP planning software is elegant, powerful yet simple - to make implant surgery easier and more predictable.

Dr Adam Nulty, highly experienced in the use of Guided Surgery across multiple systems will provide guidance on the use of both the software and the components used in guided surgery followed by example workflows with tips to prevent errors and maintain accuracy in use.

Dr Patrik Zachrisson will show how the lab can be involved in the guided surgery workflow and will discuss 3D printing guides to make chair side guided surgery simpler and more cost effective.

Throughout the two days the delegates will use the software with selected cases so that on completion of the course the participants will have an in depth understanding of the processes, software steps and manufacture of the guided surgery workflow.The course will also be aimed at all skill levels so every delegate will gain from the day with hands on digital workflows.

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An Introduction to Digital Dentistry & Applications In General Practice



Mr Chris Lefkaditis with guest speakers: Mr Quintus Van Tonder
Mr Robbie De Villiers 

Course Outline 

This course aims to introduce digital dentistry technologies and demonstrate the various applications of digital technologies in general dental practice 


Examine intraoral scanners and technologies with hands on experience
Discuss digital technologies for patients and the dental team
Introduce workflows involved in CADCAM prosthodontics and implant dentistry Discuss chairside CADCAM materials in dentistry 

To introduce the use of 3D printing in dentistry 


Participants will be able to understand the advantages and applications of digital intraoral scanners Understand the benefit of digital planning in implant dentistry
Understand the CADCAM chair-side solutions for patients and applications in everyday dentistry Understand modern dental CAD materials used in prosthodontics 

Understand the use and applications of 3D printing in dentistry 


Mastering Digital Dental Photography; Integration into Digital Smile Design By Billal Arshad

On this digital dentistry course, renowned master photographer Dr Billal Arshad will help delegates understand the use of digital photography in dental practice, how to apply settings and take consistently beautiful pictures.

Digital Dentures & 3D Printing: Workflows in 3Shape, Composite Gum Work and Meshmixer 3D Printing.

Digital Dentures are fast becoming a topic of great interest and Ivoclar Vivadent is at the forefront by developing an aesthetic, accurate & systematic approach which builds on their proven B.P.S (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) concept. This lecture and clinical demonstrations will give an insight into Digital BPS from a Clinical and Technical perspective. Carl Fenwick form the Ivoclar Vivadent Digital Denture team will show the workflow of using the 3Shape Digital Denture workflow.

Carl will then lead a hands on tutorial on composite gum work which is vital to make the end result realistic, natural and beautiful.

The second half of the day will focus on 3D printing.

Adam, Chris and Patrik of the Digital Dental Academy will discuss 3D Printing and the various materials that will tie into the morning session printing digital dentures. Delegates will witness the printing of a digital denture from start to finish and what processes are required to finish these designs. The trio will then lead a hands on tutorial on Meshmixer to create aesthetic digital wax ups and how to use the Formlabs Preform software to model and print these creations.


List Of Course Dates, Conference and Symposium Speaking



12/01 - Digital vs Analogue, Dublin. Sponsored by Biohorizons

18/01 - Introduction to the Digital Implant Workflow, Burnley. Sponsored by the BDA.

20/01 - Digital All On 4, Leeds. Sponsored by Osstem UK & Dental Directory

31/01 - Postgraduate Research on Guided Implant Surgery, Leeds University


07/02 - Digital Dentistry In General Practice, Norwich. Sponsored by the BDA.

16/02 - Magic I Clinical Paper Debate: Digital Vs Analogue. Sponsored by Biohorizons

17/02/ - Introduction to Guided Implant Surgery, Ilkley. Sponsored by Osstem UK & Dental Directory


10/03 - Digital Dentistry Show

18/03 - Digital Implant Dentistry, Manchester University. Sponsored by Biohorizons

23-24/03 - 3D Printing Party PART 1 London! With August de Oliveira


06-07/04 - Guided Implant Surgery Hands On Training with SMOP, Manchester. Sponsored By Biohorizons

27/04 - The Business Of Digital Dentistry, Henry Schein Digital Dentistry Conference, London. Sponsored by Biohorizons.

28/04 - Digital Dentistry Workflow in Practice. Digital Dentistry Conference Wales



15-16/06 - 3D Printing Party PART 2 Manchester! With August de Oliveira


06/07 - VSS Aesthetic & Digital Dentistry Conference Cyprus

28/07 - Mastering Digital Dental Photography; Integration into Digital Smile Design

By Billal Arshad


8 - Digital Dentures & 3D Printing:

Workflows in 3Shape, Composite Gum Work and Meshmixer 3D Printing.

21/22 - Guided Implant Surgery Hands On Training with SMOP, Manchester.


01/10 - Prosthetically Designed Implant Placement for the 21st Century. London. Sponsored by the ADI.


12/11 - Guided Implant Planning - Advanced Options, East Central. Sponsored by the ADI.

About Us

Dr Adam Nulty


BChD MJDF RCS Eng PGCert MSc (Dist) MAcadMed

Adam is a highly experienced clinician with a special interest in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology.

In 2013 he completed an Master of Science degree in Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry from the University Of Manchester, achieving a Distinction  and is currently researching guided implantology in a PhD at Leeds University

Adam lectures and Mentors on the Restorative and Aesthetics MSc for Manchester Uni, the BAIRD Implant Coure and is Course Director and Lecturer for the SMOP Gudied Implant System with Osstem UK.

Shortlisted, Finalist and Winner of several industry awards, from Best Young Dentist 2013,2014 & 2015 to Best Dental Team and Best Oral Health Promoter 2014 &2015 and in 2015 he won two catagories in the Aesthetic Dental Awards for Removable Orthodontic Appliance and for a Patient Choice Facial Aesthetics Case.

Respected lecturer and mentor in the Field of 3D radiology, implant planning and template guided implant placement, Adam also runs a CBCT course with 360 Visualise.

Dr Chris Lefkaditis


 BChD BSCDent PgDiDent


Chris Lefkaditis is the principal of a private practice in Norwich. 

He qualified as a BSC Dental scientist in 1989. He later joined dental school and graduated as a dental surgeon with honours in 1995 from the University of Pretoria. 

In 1999 he was awarded a Postgraduate higher Diploma in Dentistry (oral and maxillofacial surgery), which he again graduated with honours. 

He has extensive experience in implant dentistry and his special interests include Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry and has been placing implants since 1999. 

His vast experience in digital dentistry includes Cadcam dentistry and computer guided implantology. Having furthered his education in advanced implant dentistry and functional occlusion, he has taken on the role of mentoring dentists with an interest in implant dentistry. 

He is approved as a mentor by both the Association of Dental Implantology UK and the ITI.

Dr Patrik Zachrisson


Dental surgeon (Karolinska Institute Sweden 1996), CertDentImp, FICOI

Patrik is a partner of The Wensleydale Dental Practice (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire) and the Wensleydale Dental laboratory. He provides general dental care for a broad patient base, focusing mainly on digital dentistry, Invisalign (platinum provider), implantology, restorative and preventive dentistry. He does all crown and bridge work using Cerec Omnicam, mostly made on site in his own laboratory.

He gained the Certificate in Dental Implantology from training with Dr Eddie Scher. Patrik is a Member of the British Dental Association,  the ITI, the BACD and Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (FICOI) and is Treasurer for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Dental Committee.

He is currently working with Nimrodental on new orthodontic materials and ways of creating minimal retainers with digital scans.



Guest Speaker - August de Oliveira

Dr August de Oliveira graduated from dental school in 1997 from the University of Washington and completed his General Practice Residency in Los Angeles in 1998.  Dr de Oliveira has been lecturing on 3D technology since 2004, when he started as a CEREC Basic trainer.  Since 2008 he has been involved with Implant Direct’s R and D department developing Guided Surgery Software and Hardware and testing their CAD Milled Bars and Substructure Department.  Dr de Oliveira has written three books on Dentistry :  Implants Made Easy, Guided Implantology Made Easy. and Dental 3D Printing Made Ease   He has been involved with beta testing Sirona’s Sidexis Program, as well as developing the Opti and CEREC Milled Surgical Guides.  He has a passion for 3D printing and is on the advisory board for two printer companies and beta tests for 5 other 3D Printing Companies.Dr de Oliveira lectures worldwide for Sirona on the Galileos Cone Beam system and Sirona Guided Implant Surgery as well as 3D Printing .  He also teaches for Implant Direct at their Las Vegas Educational Facility. Dr de Oliveira lives and practices in Los Angeles CA.


Guest Speaker - David Veige

DD, BDS, MJDF (RCS Eng.) MSc. Implant Dentistry

Originally from Toronto Ontario, Canada, David qualified firstly as a dental technician and then as a dentist from the University of Newcastle with a distinction in academic dentistry and the top restorative dentistry prize. He was shortlisted for the Young Dentist of the Year UK at The Dentistry Awards in 2009 and has been awarded membership to the Royal College of Surgeons Joint Dental Faculty by way of examination.  He graduated with merit from the University of Warwick with a MSc. degree in Implant Dentistry. He is currently studying a MClinDent at King's College, London in fixed and removable prosthodontics.

He is the director of Smile Designs Dental Laboratory, a private boutique laboratory focused on high quality crown, bridge and implant restorations.


Guest Speaker - Pav Khaira

BDS, Dipl Implantology, Member EAO, MClinDent (Current)

Dr Pav Khaira qualified in 2002 and has taken extensive postgraduate education. The focus of his work is dental implants and he is part way through his masters degree, MClinDent Implantology, in London. He has also completed an externship program in conjunction with Stony Brook University in New York.

He has a particular interest in complex cases where all or most of your teeth may need removing. Pav also lectures and mentors other dentists with a special emphasis on the biological processes critical for success in implantology.

He is a highly sought after lecturer and offers bespoke mentoring for dentists wishing to learn implants



Guest Speaker - Hugo Patrao

Hugo holds a degree in Dental Technology and is registered with the GDC - he manages the team in the 3D department at Nimrodental, which uses scanning, milling, 3D printing and designing appliances using CAD CAM. He is involved in developing software, appliances and techniques, positioning him at the forefront of dental technology.


Guest Speaker - Florian Schober

Ass. Prof., Dipl.-Ing.

Florian is a pioneer and expert in digital dentistry, 3D implant planning, template guided implant placement, improving processes in the field of implant placement and dental education since 1999, degrees in industrial engineering. An acomplished and internationally renowned lecturer and trainer in the field of 3D radiology, implant planning and template guided implant placement. He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Material Sciences at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Member of the board of Digital Dental Life AG (Dental Campus). Mentor and strategic advisor of swissmeda AG.


Guest Speaker - Quintus D.F van Tonder

BChD (Stell) PDD (Aesthetic Dentistry)

Dr van Tonder qualified at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa in 2000 with a BChD degree. After completion of his studies, he worked for a year in a state clinic in the Mosselbay region in South Africa. During this time, he treated thousands of underprivileged patients in need of care. In 2001 he moved to the UK.

In 2011 he completed a diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry taking a keen interest in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. He loves technology and is constantly looking to implement the latest innovations in the practice that will benefit our customers. One of these is the CEREC System.

Since investing in the system, he has completed a tremendous amount of training and has built up a wealth of experience in working with this system to create beautiful smiles and restore patients’ dentition, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.



Guest Speaker - Billal Arshad

Billal Arshad qualified from the University of Manchester and has always had a passion for photography.

Since qualifying he has acquired his own practice, attended numerous courses and is currently completing his training in a Masters in fixed and removable prosthodontics.

Billal spends the remainder of his time in private practice and trains colleagues nationally and internationally. He also runs a training academy teaching dentists the basic and advanced techniques in dental photography.


Guest Speaker - Carl Fenwick

Carl, as a Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) trainer, also teaches technical and clinical aspects of Prosthetics in several countries to dental professionals, widening his knowledge in the industry. Carl also prides himself upon being the solely qualified Abe Suction Denture Master Technician in the country.


Check out this great video on just ONE of the applications of Digital Dentistry: SMOP guided implant placement.


Saturday 20th January 2018 - Venue - Academy Of Clinical Excellence

Registration fee: FREE (£95 ATTENDANCE DEPOSIT) ; Awarding 7 (SEVEN) hours CPD

WF2 7BJ, Crigglestone, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Lunch included

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Mastering Digital Dental Photography

Saturday 28th July 2018 - Venue - Dentist On THE ROCK, 26 The Rock, Bury. BL9 0NT

Registration fee: £295 (£195 for Premium Members) ; Awarding 7 (SEVEN) hours CPD including food and refreshments

Digital Dental Academy

BL9 0NT, Bury, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom


Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Lunch included



3D PRINTing PARTY with august de Oliveira

23/24 March 2018 - Venue - Nimrodental, 350 Euston Rd, London NW1 3AX

Registration fee for TWO days;

£600 Dentist

£300 Assistant

14 Hours CPD

Limited spaces!

Digital Dental Academy

NW1 3AX, Nimrodental, 350 Euston Rd, London


Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Lunch included



Guided Implant Surgery: Principles Techniques & Hands On

21/22 SEPT 2018 - Venue - Dentist On THE ROCK

Course Fee;   £295 - Lunch Included on both days. Evening meal included Friday night.

N.B. £100 COURSE COST TO IDDA Premium Members! Premium members will have £195 of their course fee refunded on attendance. JOIN ONLINE;

14 Hours CPD

Limited spaces!

Digital Dental Academy

26 The Rock, Bury, Bury, Greater Manchester, England BL9 0NT, United Kingdom


Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Lunch included



3D PRINTing PARTY with august de Oliveira

15/16 June 2018 - Venue - Dentist On THE ROCK

Registration fee for TWO days;

£600 Dentist

£300 Assistant

14 Hours CPD

Limited spaces!

Digital Dental Academy

26 The Rock, Bury, Bury, Greater Manchester, England BL9 0NT, United Kingdom


Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Lunch included




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